Monday, September 6, 2010

How to choose the best airline

  1. Check the flight schedules for the cities you will frequently fly between. For example, if you're traveling from Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport to Albuquerque, you'll find many more flights on Southwest ( On the other hand, United ( and U.S. Airways ( offer more flights to Boston. Finding the airline that offers the most flights lets you easily shop both for lower prices and more convenient times.
  2. Examine the hidden costs. Rarely do the quoted prices for tickets contain all the costs you will incur for travel. As airlines struggled financially in the early 21st century they began adding fees for things such as checked baggage and seat selection. Visit the websites of the airlines to research all of the costs involved.
  3. Research the customer service conveniences of each airlines. See who has fewer layovers on the routes you'll fly and who offers online check-in. Don't forget cancellation policies. Some airlines will charge a hefty fee for you to change your travel plans, while others, like Southwest, let you do this at no cost.
  4. ook into the frequent-flyer programs to see which would work best for you. The Huffington Post recommends American Airlines ( if you fly a lot because its top tier perks are the best. But if you fly less often, United might be a better choice.

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