Sunday, September 1, 2013

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airline also think about in the best airline of the is of South Korea airline. The services of the Asiana Airline are awesome & people travel in this airline also feels happy & comfortable. The airline has its domestic hub at Gimpo International Airport & its international hub at Incheon International Airport. Asiana Airlines operates 14 domestic & 90 international passenger routes, & 27 cargo routes throughout Asia, Europe, North The united states, & Oceania. Asiana won the prestigious Airline of the Year award in 2010.It also won the "Best Overall Airline in the World" award in 2012. Asiana Airlines give best facility & for kids & aged person this airline provides special caring facility. Asiana Airlines hire air-hostess from different countries & this south korea airline improve their standard fastly. So Asiana Airlines is world best 2nd airline.

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