Monday, August 23, 2010

Changi international airport guide

World's best airports, Singapore Changi Airport offers the services and modern facilities at the two terminal (welcome center) at the airport. 
Services at Changi Airport include: 
• Two 73 transit hotel rooms in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in a room with a 6-hour rental from $ 56 - $    64 depending on single or double occupancy. Showers, gym and sauna are also provided at the transit       hotel with no extra cost. 
• Centre Business Centre (at both terminals) 
• Internet Center (in both terminal) 
• Service access points and wireless internet connection of personal computers (both terminals) 
• Fitness Center (Terminal 1) 
• a swimming pool and terrace Jacuzzi (Terminal 1) 
• Boarding Ladders, lifts, toilets and telephones are designed specifically for disabled people 
• Banks 
• The post and telecommunications office 
• More than 100 duty-free shops 
• Over 30 shops selling food and drinks at two terminal variety. 
• health care services in Terminal 2 24/24 
• play area for children at Terminal 1 
• Singapore Travel services free for transit passengers or aircraft may convert empty time of 5 hours. 
• Tram service skytrain passengers traveling between the two terminals. This free service serves from 6     am to 1 am the next day and no more than 2 minutes per trip. 
• Babysitting Service to separate the dining room 
• smoking rooms with separate ventilation systems in the two terminal 
• The service desk provides car rental, hotel reservations, hair care stores, medical clinics, and a small        supermarket for 24 / 24. 
• Customer service information staff speak French and Japanese. 

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