Prime Pack :
It consists of the entire services that the passengers can enjoy at the Tbilisi &Batumi Airports at arrival and departures.
Prime Pack Departure: After booking via e-mail or facsimile transmission, the departing passengers are greeted at the terminal entrance by the “primeclass” CIP Service personnel, and with the free trolley, they can have their check-in, and passport procedures carried out by the “primeclass” CIP agent and welcomed in the special lounge beyond the passport control.
At the lounge, the passengers can enjoy the following services free of charge: all alcoholic drinks, cold beverages, hot drinks, aperitifs, snacks, internet access, facsimile, and photocopy services. They can watch television, read the dailies, and rest until the time of departure. Our personnel will gladly assist passengers who wish to shop at the duty free stores before their flight. When the time of departure approaches, the passengers can access the plane from the gate or from the apron with VIP vehicles.

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