The Republic of Ireland, which owns 25 percent of Aer Lingus (Dublin), has publicly expressed its opposition to the takeover of Aer Lingus by rival Ryanair (Dublin). The European Commission will be the final judge on whether Ryanair can continue to acquire additional shares of Aer Lingus for a feasible controlling interest. Ryanair currently controls 30 percent of Aer Lingus stock.
Ryanair said it's no comment to make on the Minister Varadkar's statement. Since the Government owns 25% of Aer Lingus, it's no power to block Ryanairs offer, which can still be successfully done if they acquire a shareholding of 50% or more (Ryanair currently owns 30%).

The progress of Ryanairs offer is subject to the finish result of the current EU competition review & Ryanair is continuing to progress that approval technique, having submitted an unprecedented cures package, which will increase competition, choice, traffic & jobs to & from the island of Ireland.
In other news for Ryanair, the ultra-fare carrier announced it had received the final aircraft of its current Boeing order, growing its fleet to 305 Boeing 737-800s.

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