Monday, March 4, 2013

Zurich Airport

Why They Like It: Zurich's international airport, of Europe's busiest, is a model for modern, efficient design, clear signage, and helpful employees all elements that are important for travelers. There's lots of restaurants and duty-free shopping options, , including a variety of famed Swiss timepieces and stacks of the country's world-famous chocolates. For active-minded travelers, the airport also offers rental services for bikes and inline skates an excellent way to shake off long hours in an airplane chair while enjoying the spectacular scenery of Switzerland.

Insider Tip: The airport underwent a four-year renovation that ended in 2011, out of which came rooftop terraces with observation points, media installations, and a children area with a mini-plane and tower for budding aviation fanatics to explore.

Bonus Tip: If you are taking the Skymetro rail between Terminals A and E and listen to a distinct "moo" or, don't start looking around for smuggled livestock; it is basically the sounds of the Alps being piped in over the audio process.

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