The Indian Economy is booming with a steady pace for quite some time. With this many job opportunities are being created in various domains. The Aviation industry is one such domain. In early days, scope of a career in this sector was very limited. But now, due to the arrival of a number of domestic and international Airlines with cheap airfares, the need for airline staff has risen.

The current growth rate in domestic and international travel exceeds 25%, the highest in the world. The Indian domestic market grew at almost 50% in the first half of 2006.

India's aviation industry leaders lay much of the blame at the feet of Air India which they accuse of unfairly competing with India's newer airlines, slashing fares while at the same time enjoying the luxury of government subsidies.
The airline has been unprofitable since 1997 and has received government bailouts of $625 million and is requesting more before the end of the fiscal year that ends in March 2012, according to company figures.

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