Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long-Haul Airlines for UAE Passengers

Ethos Consultancy, a customer service consultancy firm, has conducted an independent study into the service quality of airlines that provide longer-haul flights out of the United Arab Emirates. The survey was designed to capture customer satisfaction at all points throughout a typical flight experience - from flight booking and check-in to boarding, in-flight services, disembarkation and final baggage claim. A total of seven international airlines were included in the study, including Emirates, Etihad, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Air France.
“The aviation industry has never been tougher or more unforgiving, margins are paper-thin and airlines need to strive for continuous improvement by focusing on delivering consistently high levels of customer service that extend beyond in-flight service. We conducted this study to provide a window into the service quality levels of airlines during one of their busiest and most competitive periods - December and January," stated Barry Judge, director of marketing at Ethos Consultancy".

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