Airbus A380

Singapore made great preparations to welcome the world’s largest plane Airbus A380, European consortium that is all set to fly next week to carve another laurel in its record-history. After its flight to Singapore and then Changi Airport, the plane will make its first commercial flight to Sydney on 25 October. At an investment of $13 billion, this double-decker aircraft took more than seven years.
True, its entry is the after the gap of two-years behind the scheduled year of 2005 but this feature-packed revolutionary jetliner justify the delay. The plane has been discovered as a highly fuel-efficient aircraft offering silent cabin in all large passenger jets. The entry of the jet is like a golden feather to the existing fleet of Singaporean airlines.
The front side of the plane is equipped with 12 first class luxury groups with each offering elite amenities including a proper bed, a 23-inch flat panel TV, working table, a lounge chair and epicurean food. Out of the 12, two suites are privileged with double bed facility.

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