A British Airways Concorde landing after one of its final flights in 2003.

A Dubai consortium is bidding to turn one of British Airways's seven remaining Concorde supersonic jets into a tourist attraction, a report said Wednesday, while BA said it was mulling its options.
The Times said that if the jet -- which reached supersonic speeds and halved the total flight time from London to New York -- were to be shipped to the Middle East, its wings would have to be clipped off to fit on a ship.
It cited a source close to the Dubai consortium as saying the group would spend millions of pounds (euros, dollars) to restore the interior of the plane, which is currently kept at London's Heathrow Airport.
"Sending it to Dubai would be a kick in the teeth for Britain's aviation heritage," Ben Lord, a spokesman for the Save Concorde Group, told The Times.
"Chopping off its wings and putting it on a ship would be the final insult."

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