singapore business class new Singapore Airlines to fly all business class widebodies across Pacific

For a few years now, there’s been abundant competition for business-class travelers on the trans-Atlantic route, with upstarts carving out all-business class niches to woo passengers away from the major airlines. But until now, there’s been no such movement on the trans-Pacific routes.
But it’s no upstart that’s offering this new service. It’s Singapore Airlines.
They’re their ultra-long-haul Airbus 340-500’s to all-business configurations, which means that “Executive Economy” customers are getting the boot. These widebody planes will go from 181 passengers to 100.
Others have already chimed in on the issue. The Cranky Flier is calling it a “no-win,” and throwing some barbs at the aircraft for good measure.
Is this a great business move? I don’t know. But my thoughts are this: The supply of business class seats on Singapore Airlines — a truly top-notch airline — just went up big-time. Maybe, just maybe, the frequent flyer seat inventory went up, too. This could be a great opportunity to cash in frequent flyer miles and really get some bang for your proverbial buck.

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