Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ICON A5 on display at JFK’s T5!

Stop by T5 at JFK this month to check out the groundbreaking ICON A5! This innovative aircraft is a clean sheet design based on the FAA’s new Light Sport Aircraft category and new Sport Pilot License, new rules that make recreational flying more accessible than ever before.. We are all very excited to bring the A5 to JFK and showcase it in the T5 Marketplace through March 28, as the first stop on the model’s multi-city tour.
You can find the A5 in the T5 Marketplace, near the low grandstand, next to the engine. We will announce the A5 and our display to Customers via LiveTV Plus Channel, T5 Digital Ring, T5 GIDS, postcards, press releases and other corporate communications, as well as through contact with the local aviation community.

The A5 will be displayed on a stand, with its wings folded most of the time (primarily for safety reasons). Video screens and an interactive kiosk will be available for customers to learn more about the aircraft and see it in flight.
The ICON A5 is amphibious, seats two, and has folding wings that allow it be trailered like a wakeboard boat. It was created by an unprecedented collaboration between expert automotive designers and some of the best aviation engineers in the world. The public response since its launch has been humbling; numerous tv appearances including The Today Show, Discovery Channel and CNBC; numerous magazines including the cover of Popular Science, a feature story in Wired, and the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book; and numerous design awards including the prestigious IDEA Gold Award. Most telling are the 371 orders, totaling over $55 million, and selling out the first two years of production.
ICON Aircraft is raising a large round of capital this spring for manufacturing setup on the A5.

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