Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Passenger Services

pia experience Air Hostess in Different Countries from World   Part 2

No doubt you'd like your children to have at least a short sleep on board a long haul flight, particularly if it's a red eye (overnight service). To help, always remember to pack your child or baby's favourite bed time cuddly toy and dummy (soother) as this really helps settle them into their new sleeping environment on board the plane. Some airlines provide bassinet cots (see right) for use in bulk head seat rows.
For babies and small infants who are too young to have their own seat on board a long haul flight, try to reserve a bulk head row seat with a Bassinet, by calling the airline in advance of your travel date to request one. Bassinet's allow you to move around the aircraft much easier, when your child is hopefully asleep!

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