The Green Wall at Changi Airport, Terminal 3

Where do I start?
Well, the question you first have to ask yourself before coming to Changi Airport, Terminal 3 (IATA) is: how much time do I have? This could be one of the few airports you actually wish to be delayed in. Of course many passengers transit through Singapore between flights so typically have between 2 - 6 hours to spend and, oh boy, can they be spent well!

The next question is, what mood are you in?
Tired from your previous flight? Go to one of the many quiet zones throughout the terminal or chill out while getting a foot massage in one of the countless, free foot massage chairs throughout the terminal. Or watch a Koi feeding at the Koi pond which you find on the runway side of the terminal.
Need to spend the remaining cash? Visit the only in an airport anywhere in the world and stock up on 2010 World Cup merchandise.
Interested in nature and the environment? Go to the butterfly garden and watch 1,000 butterflies of 47 species swirl around the outdoor exhibit. You’ll find it roughly in the middle of the Terminal on the runway side.

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