Hong Kong International Airport - Departures in Terminal 1

Did you miss me? Well I’m back!
It has definitely been a while since my last post. Don’t worry, I didn’t run out of interesting airport stories, but l did run out of time.. As a little treat, you’ll get a whopper of an airport reviewed now: Hong Kong.
I personally experienced two landings there back in 1991 where my window seat proved to be the best allocation ever. It was simply spectacular!
So, the first time I flew into the then known, newly built airport, I was quite disappointed as l didn’t get any of that great view l remembered. However, on a recent trip to Hong Kong we flew over this magnificent city with a perfect view of the spectacular all of Kowloon! My tip is - try to sit on the right hand side of the aircraft and chances are good you’ll get the “wow factor” on your next approach (as it is known today).

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